Registry Tweaks

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Registry tweaks are created to correct or enhance specific areas of Windows OS and Windows applications.These tweaks are created to correct or enhance specific areas of Windows XP and Windows applications. Some tweaks are created to allow the user to restrict certain function and features of the operating system that are not readily accessible from the user interface. In some cases, they can also be used to correct issues caused by spyware, virus files and 3rd party applications.

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Tweaks Article#
 Take Ownership of Any File from the Context Menu TKB:1145
Change Your PC’s Registered Owner in Windows TKB:1146
Clean Up Explorer’s ‘Open With’ Menu with a Registry Hack TKB:1147
How to Adjust Aero Peek Desktop Preview Mouse Hover Delay in Windows 7 TKB:1148
Windows 7 Lets You Change the Logon Background Image TKB:1149
Disable All Notification Balloons in Windows 7 or Vista TKB:1150
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